“Breathe” Pailon said to his students, they had been hiking through the rugged terrain of the jungle for about an hour and now the students needed to calm themselves for quiet meditation. “Just close your eyes and breathe, listen to the world around you.” Many of his students were still panting from the brisk hike, almost all were surprised at the pace the seemingly feeble old man made them keep up with. He seemed to just glide through the jungle, making hardly a sound and leaving no trace. “Breathe deep and feel the life in the air. Silence the storm of your mind and take note of the buzzing of the bees, be mindful of the whistling of the wind through the branches above, smell the fruit growing on those branches. Feel the world around you.” Pailon sat in silence for some time, allowing his students to take a moment to meditate. in the distance he heard the steps of a beast taller than the trees surrounding him. “Open yourself to the energy of the world. Notice how we all share one soul.” Around Pailo’s head a strange swirl forms. A spiral of energy channeling into his body. If his eyes were open Pailo would notice only one of his students had a similar spiral forming around his head.

Frevor is the connectedness of all living things. It exists in small amounts inside all plants and in larger amounts inside animals. The largest animals have the most natural Frevor, however some individuals can open themselves to the world to absorb Frevor. This can be done in small doses by absorbing a little bit of frevor from the world around you, usually this works best with plants, or can be speed up the process by absorbing the Frevor of a recently deceased human or animal.

When someone absorbs Frevor they permanently and fundamentally alter their body. These alterations can be anything from growing wings and covering themselves in lightning or an increase in their strength and speed. However even the most mundane alterations leave visible changes to a person’s body. A person who’s fervor manifests as the ability to use sonar, for example, may develop large pointy ears. Or a person whose body gains strength and speed may develop unnaturally large muscles or perhaps change blood color.

Frevor can either be absorbed actively or passively. Almost everyone can passively absorb Frevor, whenever something nearby dies it releases all of its Frevor into the world around it. During this time there is a very short opportunity to take in some of this Frevor before the world absorbs it all. Frevor can also be absorbed passively by opening ones soul to the world and allowing a small portion of the Frevor the world naturally gives off. Passively absorbing Frevor is much slower than actively absorbing it and also requires a much greater awareness to the world. Very few people can open themselves up to absorb Frevor passively, and even fewer can stay open long enough to receive any real benefit.

Every person has a limit to the amount of Frevor their body can hold. When this limit is reached the final change doesn’t only affect the body, it can change the person’s psyche forever. This change is known as Ascent of Moksha.


Khorwa Gonten