Prospector Camps

The bumpy trail jostled the wagon back and forth as Kumar drove the horses. He looked to his wife to his right, she was holding their baby boy. Keeping one hand on the reigns he reached out and touched his son on the head, wondering if this was the right choice. In Pathara the had been untouchables, born to the lowest caste, cursed to spend their lives in service to those born in more fortunate positions. But where they are going there aren’t any castes.

Still, Kumar was hesitant to leave the city, in Pathara things may have been rough but at least they had food on the table and they didn’t need to worry about the Leviathans. He hasn’t seen one yet but Kumar heard the stories, everyone heard the stories. Giant monsters with scales thick as armor that can swallow you whole, some of them can sheathe their bodies with electricity or cause earth quakes by hitting their tales to the ground. Kumar shivered, not sure if it was the fear getting to him or just the cold wind. Sighing deeply he turns to his wife “Why don’t you go lie down, I’ll wake you when we get there”

The Prospector Camps are a recently initiated way to deal with over crowding in the cities and get much needed resources from the outside world into the cities. Usually located in the mountains Prospecting Camps act as boroughs of their associated cities, with their own law enforcement teams, usually known as “Marshals”. Unlike the cities Prospector Camps don’t have thick walls to protect them, in fact many prospector camps are just tents with a few shacks.

However these camps still attract huge flocks of prospectors because of the promise of a new life. The castes that many people feel trapped by in the cities are ignored in the Prospector Camps. In addition the ores mined by the prospector camps can make a lucky man rich very quickly. When returning to the cities people have the option of “Buying” a caste, while this provides the technical benefits of belonging to the new class a few of the people who inherited their caste still treat the new members of their caste as second class citizens.


Prospector Camps

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